For ship operators and crew, side-shell damage can be a quite troublesome procedure to handle. An IACS class will give particular emphasis to the repair quality standard, especially if the damage is located below the waterline. The new metal sheets and frames should be placed with utmost precision and welded with the highest industry standards. They not only need to withstand the imminent Class inspection but also the future bending moments. A few days ago we performed a side-shell damage repair in just two days. This our insight.


The damage was located on starboard side, a little above the waterline. The side-shell was severely bent between several frames. We pinpointed the exact metal sheet and frames to be replaced and opened an access. This window will assist the fabricators to perform a more accurate cut. Then, the entire damaged plating is carefully separated with cutting torches.


After the old metal pieces removal, the scaffold construction begins. Safety-wise, it is one of the most crucial parts of the repair. The metal fabrication needs to follow strict construction and welding standards to ensure personnel's safety and operation.

The company's crane started moving the prepared metal sheets on the vessel. These pieces should be very well fabricated and cleaned for an IACS quality weld. Our fabricators have prepared steel stops on the hull to place the pieces accurately on the hull. With the assistance of hoists placed on the inside, the metal sheets were sided and attached to the side shell.


After securing of the metal sheets, the delicate procedure of welding begins. It's crucial to extract the dangerous weld fumes for welders safety and operational ease. With two fans working tirelessly, the working site deemed safe and our welding machines started work.

Certified by IACS, our welders exercised utmost speed and precision to deliver a repair that passes strict Class inspection. The fact that the metal pieces were prepared and cleaned boosted their welding speed even more. In just two working days, the repair was finished from start to end. After Class ultrasonic evaluation, the repair was successfully passed and delivered to the Owners.


It's important to have everything planned in advance to deliver such a quality repair in a short time. From the metal sheets to crane operation and safety, the only concern should be that of repair delivery. By risk assessment management, El Greco Shipyards is eliminating time-consuming factors that may hinder proper site function. As such, the deliveries are always passing on time and with IACS quality standards.